About Motorlegs

Motorlegs Ltd. was established in Dec 2017 in response to the growing need for small, friendly and efficient workshop services for those who are otherwise unable to keep their cycling machines in good working order.

“more like an iron gate”

After an inspiring conversation with my good friend Jon of Cardiff Cycle Workshop, I realized that working with bikes was the way forward. From that conversation Motorlegs was inevitable.

At the age of 14, I was really quite late learning to ride a bike. I grew up in Cardiff and for one reason or another I never got the opportunity to learn when I was a little boy. Then I was too embarrassed to admit to my friends that I couldn’t ride.

Eventually I had had enough of missing out and borrowed my friends Raleigh Grifter. The Grifter was a heavy bit of steel, more like an iron gate than the super light BMX bikes some of my friends had. After an hour or so of griping onto the bars so tight that my knuckles went white, falling off several times and generally not being relaxed, I could do it. The sense of liberation was immediate.

There have been many, many memorable rides since then and anyone who knows me will know that cycling, mechanics and art have come to define me over the last twenty years.